DoIP – Custom Dice

Dwarves! Unite under one Clan Banner and we shall decide on the look of the Custom Dice for Dwarves of Iron Peak! I’ve asked other artists to lend their skills to the design process as well for you to vote on! As the different submissions come in I will post them here. We can also…

Dwarves of Iron Peak base game Plus

Hail Dwarves & Trolls! Here is an actual image of the base game and the Protector Shield and Khorum Bust (3/19/17 8am EST). The base game will actually come with more than you see here (** minus the King Bust and Protector Shield), such as all of MurkMaws components and Quests and “The Bog of…

All Your Bases!

All the Dwarven bases are belonging to you. This has been in the works for a while so I wanted to show you a quick prototype of the bases for Dwarves of Iron Peak. This is a planned Stretch Goal so I hope we can get to it. I can’t wait to see how players…

King Khorum test print!

Here is the initial King Khorum test print. I have lots more detail to add to him but this give you a good idea of what he will look like.  I will get better pics of him soon. He is not cleaned up or sanded but this is just an initial test print. No cleanup…

Dwarves of Iron Peak now on Kickstarter!

Dwarves of Iron Peak is now live on Kickstarter!  Click here to get there, or click the image below. DWARVES of IRON PEAK is a 20-30min competitive 2 player board game that pits a band of Dwarves, bent on recovering their stolen Relic from an enormous Mountain Troll.    

Troll Feet & Hammer painted

The Troll Feet and Hammer have been painted and are somewhat patiently waiting for dwarves to enter the cave for crushing.

3D Troll Feet!

Awesome 3D Print by Corey Kinard of the Trolls feet for Dwarves of Iron Peak. Made on his personal home 3D printer, so nice. Thanks Corey! The ‘plan’ is to offer all miniatures for DoIP / Dwarves of Iron Peak as 3D printable pieces during the Kickstarter. These will most likely be purchased as an…

DoIP @ Cloak&Blaster!

We had some great playtest runs of Dwarves of Iron Peak at a local game bar called Cloak & Blaster. If you are in the Orlando area on a Tuesday you should stop on by and have a game with us. Greg Breault (left), Corey Kinard (right). Greg played the dwarves and barely escaped with…

Playtesting continues!

New components have been added to DIP (Dwarves of Iron Peak) so more playtesting is being done to balance everything out.  Check out the playtesting gallery for some older pictures of some playtest sessions.

New RSG Forum!

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