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    Look here for all 
                RocketSlug Games Contests!
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    I will be including a few of these guys in a Contest soon. A few older pewter dwarves from earlier prototypes!



    Our First Dwarven Contest!

    Enter now brave dwarf and answer these questions three for a chance to win the only cardboard prototype for Dwarves of Iron Peak. You will get everything you see here (minus the floor) sent directly to your cave! First, you must answer three questions and follow the rules below.

    The Rules:

    • Answer the questions below correctly in a PM to me
    • Be a member of this forum using the same email address you used for the Kickstarter
    • You must be a “Scout” ($5+) pledge or above to participate
    • Submit your answers as a private message to me (Grog)
    • If you answer the questions correctly your email will be entered into a drawing to win the above item!

    The Questions!

    * Submit these as a private message to me, Grog!

    • What is the name of the nasty Troll, and what mountain does he live in?
    • What is the full name of the weapon that the Dwarven Lancers hold?
    • What tribe was Crud banished from?
    • Name the bog that MurkMaw lives in.
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    Thank you all for your submissions!

    I will be drawing a winner soon. There is still the rest of the week (ends Oct 5th) to get in your answers before I draw forth the winner of the Dwarves of Iron Peak Cardboard Version.



    Thanks for the reminder on the KS page 😀



    The names have been thrown into the pot…
               and tomorrow the Winner will be drawn!

    Thank you for your submissions! Expect more contests soon.
    Check back tomorrow to see who the winner is!

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    So who won?



    ALLBROTNAR is the Winner!
    I ran a random spin wheel yesterday to get the result with all of the names on it. And, it just so happens that the same Allbrotnar who sent the last message, was the winner. So, I will be sending out my only cardboard prototype version (a little used) to the Winner hopefully this week! Congrats!

    Thank you very much to everyone who entered and answered those nasty questions!

    More contests to come with neat DoIP stuff!

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