Playtesting continues!

New components have been added to DIP (Dwarves of Iron Peak) so more playtesting is being done to balance everything out.  Check out the playtesting gallery for some older pictures of some playtest sessions.

New RSG Forum!

Go check out our new RocketSlug Games forum! ROCKETSLUG GAMES FORUM

A New Map Look!

The RSG website is getting a revamp. I am still testing everything and figuring it out. Sorry for the mess!  

Reworking a Troll

I’ve wanted to rework the Troll and the box cover for Dwarves of Iron Peak. Here it is!  

Troll Feet

The feet of Gorbash the Troll for crushing Dwarves! These feet were done in a 3D Sculpting program called Zbrush. The feet that are currently used are actual traditional sculptures done in hardened clay. The final feet will either use the final 3D model or the traditional sculpt for production. This all depends on the…

The Lair & Spiders

The Lair Improvements I’ve starter repainting the Troll’s Lair. The old lair was pretty plain and the straight edge hexes made the board look very stale. I’ve started repainting the board hexes to make them look more varied and unique but still to have that hex feel for placement. Here are the results so far….